I am going to the opera. Something about a cunning little vixen. What I really want to hear is Puccini. Maybe Madama Butterfly. Un Bel di Vedremo. I'm kinda stuck on it. Reminds me of the scene from A Room with a View, the one in the field 'with Florence in the distance,' though I'm not sure that it's the same aria.


  1. One thing I dont like about blogger commenting is that sometimes I am in the middle of typing a comment and it reloads or something and all my comment is gone. Anyway...

    When are you going to the opera and with whom? Are you going to wear a long fancy dress and have elbow length gloves and those little binoculars so you can spy on the rich people sitting in the balconies across the way?

  2. And look like Julia Roberts did in Pretty Woman???
    I am SOOOO jealous... well, I would be, but love is not rude or jealous...

  3. Michael Friggin York!!!

    I am so jealous.

  4. The Cunning Little Vixen, eh? A Czech opera. I took my sister to that a few years ago, and she has never forgiven me for it. Apparently she thought I took her to that because I didn't think she could handle Wagner. (Which is true...) It's a cute opera....but you're right, if you want the opera, you want Puccini. Or Verdi. Or that's what I want, anyway. I'm a sucker for the over-the top romanticism.


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