I am over-the-moon with excitement! Over the 'new moon', that is... hehe.... ok. dumb joke. Anyway, my excitement is sprung from the joyous news that Spencer Smith - of the Noir - will be playing live at the Breaking Dawn release party this Friday night!!! He is only my simply favorite. Come and hear him play between 10:00 and 12:00 at La Muse (all appropriate info in previous post). And visit his website here - when he's posted songs, of course.


Breaking Dawn Release Party

I don't normally like to use my blog to advertise my work, but it seems appropriate considering how much it represents of my recent activities. I have been helping to organize a release party for the fourth book in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn. You can visit our website for more details, and if you live anywhere remotely near Long Beach, you really ought to come for the party. Dressed up, of course. It's at La Muse East Village Cafe on Ocean and Linden. Call ahead if you want to join the die-hards for an exclusive pre-party dinner. And if you have any costume ideas for me, send them my way. I'm all out of fangs and fake blood.


I know that it has been a long time since I've updated, and I know also that this is a source of frustration for at least two of my regular readers (yes, that's two of the three...). But I have been reading Harry Potter. What can be done? Nothing. There's only one book left to go, though, so no worries. I'll start on that today, and it should be done soon.

My sister is visiting for the weekend, a source of great joy and happiness, and my mother is back in town for a few more days as well. She will be able to return for good from the fixing-up of the desert house by the end of the week (no crossed fingers; we hope in good faith, not in superstitions). This should coincide more or less with my renewed interest in the outside world, so we may even do one or two bloggable activities! Maybe even take a photo or two. :)

The sailboats on the water outside my house look like toys. The wind is whipping with a ghostly noise, wholly inappropriate for such a bright - though not entirely clear - summer morning. I have been working for the last six days straight, and I am excited at the prospect of doing next to nothing until mother and sister return from Disneyland. Whereupon we shall perhaps perhaps go to IKEA. A good follow-up to the happiest place on earth, if I've ever heard of one.



Blogs and Book Reviews

I wrote a book review today of my number five favorite book ever, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. If anyone's interested in reading it - and other bloggings from my favorite bookstore - click here!


soon and very soon

dear readers,

fear not. something blogworthy will happen soon, i can feel it.
it'll just have to wait till after i've finished reading harry potter -

i know, i know. i'm the last person on the planet to read them (save a few members of my family).

see you soon.


sit, pause, think, act.

'The choice before humans would then be framed differently: are you going to worship the creator God and discover thereby what it means to become fully and gloriously human, reflecting his powerful, healing, transformative love into the world? Or are you going to worship the world as it is, boosting your corruptible humanness by gaining power or pleasure from forces within the world but merely contributing to your own dehumanization and the further corruption of the world itself?'

N. T. Wright, Surprised by Hope

(and if you have time, check out this sermon from the week before last. it was rather enjoyable, and by that i do not mean heart-warming but more like sobering. and don't not listen 'cause you're not 'in the right mindset' or something cop-out like that. turn off the tv or mute it at least and take half an hour out of your unexamined life to gratify my bloggish demands.)


excitement. confusion.

ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that would be my number one favorite actor playing a hobbit. In an adaptation by Guillermo del Toro. Pure awesome.

Second 'ahhh' has no link. It is me confusedly flipping out because my house has had renters for three days and my father neglected to tell me. I have never felt that these three letters were pretty much ever justified, but here is the content of my mind at this moment: 'w.t.f.'

update: Sooo..... apparently Bilbo McAvoy was just a rumor. A delicious rumor. One we hope to be fulfilled by a more delicious reality.


Once Upon a Story

I know, I know... it's been over a week since my last post, and that one was not particularly enlightening. But I've been busy working! Check out my most recent distraction. I've even created a facebook group devoted to it. Feel free to join even if you're too far away to shop there - that is, if facebook is your chosen 'social utility,' of course. If you prefer myspace, this one has been around for a while now. Having given you nearly every link related to my new place of work, feel free to drive through Long Beach and stop by.
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