Hello again...

Soon to be on the road, headed to Colorado, I don't know that this post will be more than a brief shout-out in the midst of silence. I have had the content of this post planned since last Sunday morning when I sat and listened to the sermon by Pastor Lou Houesmann at Grace Brethren in Long Beach. Settle back with some hot coffee and click here for the mp3. And happy birthday to my dearling sister, Amanda.


to all my faithful readers:

there will be few updates here in these next few weeks, as i am in the midst of a life-transit. that is, i am not technically going anywhere at the moment, but will be soon, and so am living out of my car. check out that comma splice! things should be relatively stable by mid-june, though i will be in long beach as a resident. i'm not sure how stable long beach residents are. or if there will be anything worth blogging about so near the highly-trafficked shore. we shall see.



Curiosity keeps the cat alive.
So also am I made new by your minutest miracle.

Not a new human, just a new woman.

Whereupon I become the redemptress,
No seductress,
But a totem pole of your mysteries.

Though I hope to be laid out
In a single layer,
You will sort me patiently

If I wait and make myself pliable
With frequent stretching.
Asking questions
Not fearing tears,
But poring and pouring
Into your eyes and your ears.


I was having a bad day. And then my sister's facebook profile reminded me to browse through some LOLcats. I will sleep with joy and laughter in my heart.

This is for all of you who suffered through Dracula with me last year. The book, of course, but even more sufferingly, the movie. And if you are curious about LOLcats' Titanic interpretation, browse the site yourself. More joy in abundance.


Found this on a new site Ayjay introduced me to today. And yes, there are two links in that sentence.

[Image: The unforgettable final glimpse of a U.S. government warehouse from Raiders of the Lost Ark].

The article linked to above begins with this photo and goes on to talk about a warehouse being built in the UK to house unwanted books. The rest of the photos are even more fascinating - being actual buildings - as is the article. Give it a shot.


In my own words

It occurs to me that the last several posts have been links or videos - and that some of you might actually be wondering what's going on with me as a person and not as an internet surfer. Just a quick update, then, my house is almost completely gutted of furniture as my parents are making the last few steps toward becoming real true residents of Long Beach. This means that I must follow them rather soon, because there's a limit to how long I can live in a large house with only four articles of furniture. (There might be more than that, but spread out over so many rooms, it seems inconsequential.)

I know that there is much to do this afternoon to aid my parents in this endeavour, but I am pretty sure that I won't be doing any of it. I'll be running off to the movies, or to friends' houses, or to Starbucks - to drink away my sorrow.
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