thankful for the taste of coffee new each morning
and for clementines and oranges, citrus in each varied form

thankful as my sister sits upon my slumbered feet
thankful as my brother barrels through the sea to me

the clouds lumber bustling barrels across the sky
grace, expanse, and breath, and rain - stupify

(my mother used the word flummoxed in a sentence)
(and chris discusses agave nectar across the table)

big dogs and bad cats - cornucopia hats
apples for candles - bottleneck handles

blankets on my angled bed
bobbypins netting across my head

wind for weather, walls blow down
merry and honesty rebuild the town

thankful for pages for binding and books
for worlds that remind me how he looks

when he offers saving grace with his eyes
love with his smiles, patience with sighs

in this world it comes in the clouds and the rain,
the bad cats, big dogs, and citrus the same

love in measurable things, in weights and in flavors
the tangible kisses of the concrete saviour


  1. i have a thanksgiving poem, too, but it's for people who are away.
    i'll sit on your feet anytime!!!

  2. Here's my poem. It was written several years ago when you were in Scotland and both Amanda and Nate were away. I missed you all dearly.

    Missing You at Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is here and I wish you were, too.
    The holidays just aren’t the same without you.
    The turkey is dry and the rolls are all burnt –
    You’re so far away and I wish that you weren’t.
    The stuffing is soggy, the jell-o is flat -
    The giblets we made are not fit for the cat.
    The pie is all soupy - we skipped the green beans.
    I’m sure that you realize just what this means.
    I’ve NO hope for Christmas – I’d just end my life
    If I didn’t have roles to fulfill as a wife.
    Perhaps this will pass – I’ll “cheer up” as they say…
    No matter what, please, have a great Thankful Day!!

    I love you!


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