i figure, if i don't check this for several months, i can spend a nice chunk of time reading nothing but its sweet, cynical pages without the inconvenience of realizing 'i read this already. why doesn't he post more? grr...' yes, 'grr' can be a realization, too. anyway, i am interested in the bit about white people in harlem objecting to the churches. the anti-religious tendencies of our po-po-mo america (that should be a new word. popomo. 'we get there fast and then we take it slow...' ahem... anyway) are really getting to me. i'm not offended or surprised. it just seems like someone, somewhere would recognize that it's just not very smart. maybe it's because my faith has always been so deeply entrenched in the process of enlightenment (not the 18th century kind), transcendence, exploration, mystery and revelation, inquiry, discovery, translation. there's nothing impulsive about it, nothing irrational - though much beyond explanation - and there's so much that's irrational about this present season. more than irrational. mob-driven, frenzied, hateful. it seems stupid to me. and i hesitate to call important things stupid. my cat or a song might be stupid, but a social emergence? a cultural movement? not usually. there's just so little actual consideration and conversation going on here and so much mania.

speaking of mania, i spent the afternoon watching this, and i must apologize for previous post suggesting there could be some casting improvement. thank you, deb, jen, and mary. i am humbled. i also wish that rob pattinson was not famous. for his own sake as well as for mine. i wish he was a tweed-wearing theatre kid at some dinky college somewhere being brilliant and making fork towers in the dining hall. i would want to be his friend. we would joke about being famous someday and be relieved when fame didn't find us. such is not life.

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