better edwards

To begin with, I should clarify that I rather like Rob Pattinson. He seems like a good actor - from the little one can tell in Harry Potter - and I cringe inwardly at the simultaneous fandom and hatedom he receives from Twilight. There are two camps, and people tend to shift back and forth between them. The first is relatively predictable: he's the newest hottie, and everyone wants a poster of him on their bedroom wall (their are thousands available in various newspapers and magazines distributed over the course of the last week, so this is easy to accomplish). Cringe. The second is like it: he is NOT hot, not like Edward, not in the least, what are they thinking, he looks creepy not dangerous, he's supposed to be like a god, what are they thinking. Cringe. Poor fellow.

Here are some alternative casting options. Too late, I know, but we all love airing our opinions regardless (and be sure to check out the photos before you assume):

Jensen Ackles

Ben Barnes

Lee Pace


  1. okay, so that's just 'cause i like him. and the photo seemed appropriate 'cause he was looking moody at a piano.
    and honestly ben barnes could never do it because he could never be pale.
    and jensen ackles IS too pretty. too blonde.
    but this is about better, not best.

  2. nononononononononononononononononononononononono

    I wanna go to disneyland.

  3. i have been thinking really really hard (sorta), and I STILL cannot think of anyone else for this list. i'm starting to sympathize with the casting director of twilight.


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