Funny how every time I go to my blog, I'm disappointed to see it's not updated. Like there are two of me, one who is a blogger and one who is a browser. I feel your frustration, schizophrenically.

At the moment, I am sitting in comfy my-morning-is-free attire eating oatmeal (the yummy flavored kind from a package) and drinking coffee from one of Mom's William-Sonoma mugs. They are beautiful mugs. They make coffee taste better - no joke.

And I am browsing through Greek recipes, trying to figure out what to make for dinner tonight. I am cooking for friends. Haven't done this in quite a while.

And I am listening to Greg Laswell, because it's hard to get tired of him. He makes for good morning music. Especially late-in-the-morning, I'm-up-but-still-considering music.

And I really was going to say something significant in this here blog post. Maybe next time.

Oh yes! I remember. Very significant. I carved a pumpkin last night, and let me tell you about genius!! I have found my calling. My gift. So we went to Disneyland the other night 'cause I needed to get an annual pass and, more importantly, my Mom had to check out the brick with her name on it in the entrance. A student (and his parents, obviously) bought it for her last year on her birthday. It just takes about six months for it to actually show up in the ground. So we took a picture of the brick, ate dinner at Cafe Orleans, and took a tour of the Haunted Mansion. Every time I see it all zany and spruced up for the Hallo-Christmas season, it's like a brand new experience. If you are even slightly interested in The Nightmare Before Christmas, you have to check it out. They've been doing it for years, but this was the first time I'd gone right before Halloween. Mom and I immediately determined that we had to carve pumpkins the next night in the exact faces that were decorating the hill on the way in. I changed my mind slightly as I held the carving knife last night. Jack Skellington now sits, in perfect pumpkin form, in my dining room window. Disneyland should so hire me. I had no idea.

Picture (hopefully) to follow.


  1. Picture of pumpkin, please. Your post is pretty much void of all usefulness without it.
    If you got really good at carving pumpkins you could work at Disneyland. They had a guy just sitting around carving intricate things last weekend. Pretty cool.

    Haha, I was the first to post a comment again! Wheeeeeee!! :-P

    (Shoot, I need a life... where's my book...)

  2. Dude, I feel the same way.

    "Funny how every time I go to [your] blog, I'm disappointed to see it's not updated."

    Just because I saw you the other day doesn't mean you can avoid me on your blog!


    Off to Bedfordshire...

  3. when in blogger-block, post a poem.

  4. is that a statement or a command or a suggestion? are you talking to me or yourself?
    i like poems! unless they're really deep. then i don't "get" them. or too simple (like sometimes e.e.cummings). then i don't "get" them either.


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