today i am blogging about emily.

mb: so, emily, what do you want to tell the blogworld?

emily: they should all come and help me paint my house.

mb: you have a house? tell me about your house!

emily: it's a darling little bluish grey three bedroom two bath with hardwood floors and a yard.

mb: how long have you lived there?

emily: two! whole! weeks!

mb: how are your cats adjusting to the change?

emily: they're a little crazy, but they always were!

mb: what is one major decorative change you will make to your new abode?

emily: well, we already painted the kitchen a nice alpaca color, which isn't too major... (interrupted by beep from the oven signifying the end of the scones' ...never mind. they need another minute) and we'll be painting most of the other rooms as well. other than that, it's just small things here and there.

mb: where do you find your greatest inspiration?

emily: pottery barn. no, i'm kidding. my greatest inspiration for what? what are you putting. everything i just said.

mb: your greatest inspiration for anything. whatever inspires you to be you!!

emily: target. lately.

mb: from where do you derive your energy and ...shtuff.

emily: i drink lots of coffee in the mornings. and my husband and my kitties......
(clarification: she is not implying that she drinks husband and kitties. transcription confuses things obvious in conversation.)

this is a very boring interview. i would like to further clarify that emily is the opposite of a boring person. there you go.


  1. omg. i sound boring and insipid. ok, i dont really know if i sound insipid. i just wanted to use the word.
    i am interesting! YAWP!

  2. i admit i was tempted to post a parallel conversation between the two of us that occurred later in the day via google chat, but i decided i was too tired to incriminate both of us in that way. not to mention that i had a dream about pooballs last night, and it was none so pleasant.


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