Neuhaus's New Earth?

A quick flashback (not too far back) to my reading of Wright's Surprised by Hope - a task interrupted by Harry Potter, bad teen fiction, and the celebration of Neil Gaiman's transcendentalism - has me going through Neuhaus's response to the book in my ignored April edition of First Things. Happy in his words, I hop back on the journal's website (I have not been checking it as frequently lately. My sense of self-injury as I nobly tackle faithful loan payments and responsible budgeting by working two jobs has seriously cut down on my intellectual and social pursuits, adding to my impatience with an admixture of self-pity and self-contempt. In other words, I don't have the brain power to keep up with these things.). It seems that Neuhaus is tackling Wright's own issue from an entirely different slant. I am curious. I read his previous articles on the same topic. I find his thoughts are soon to be compiled as a book. I am excited. I wonder if it will really be a Neuhaus version of Surprised by Hope or something completely different (his focus is on the comparison of the present world with the Old Testament Babylon, a concept I have not yet encountered in Wright's book. In other words, I am making the comparison between the two books all by my onesies. No foundation in the authors' own self-representations.)

Anyway, if you care to read Neuhaus's first epistle on the subject, follow the link here. Then you can see for yourself what I'm talking about instead of following my rambling-which-ultimately-says-nothing-constructive. I have blamed my rambling on the hour. Now I must blame it on too much coffee, too little food. And not being in the mood to edit myself.

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