dm, where do you find these things?

Think you take a long time getting dressed in the morning? Compare yourself to others and feel better about your time. I wonder, who agrees to photograph her every other morning?


  1. Alas, I can't take credit for that one. A friend put me onto the site.

  2. perhaps she has a tripod or table or other such device upon which she puts her camera so as not to rely upon other people to take her photo?

    i think my next career will be writing victorian-esque novels filled with long sentences; although, i have far too few commas and colons and semicolons and other such grammatical devises, a small problem i can remedy without too much effort.

    i think i need to go to bed.

    i am jealous of this lady and her fashion. here i go to find my jeans. AGAIN.

  3. this is a special day. someone other than my three faithfuls has commented on my blog. and not just anyone! david michael (i always hear your name in full, so i apologize if i sound like a scolding mother. tone is so hard to transfer in text), i check your tumbler all the time. and have been secretly jealous of your forays into sweden. and fascinated by your (and every other tumbler-er's) ability to find the most random and fascinating things on the interweb while still maintaining an interesting life. this is assuming, of course, that you do maintain an interesting life. i am telling myself that one should not blog in one's comment box, or email, or chat. one should comment. but it is one in the morning, and for me, that might as well be three or four in the morning. so i can't stop typing. typing things no one would care to read. next i'll be posting bad poetry and lame inspirational quotations from old calendars. stop.

  4. *david michael (i always hear your name in full*

    From whom? (Of course, it could be anyone because no one says only my first name.)

    *this is assuming, of course, that you do maintain an interesting life.*

    Once upon a time (last year) I did. At the moment, I'm unemployed in Rockford, Illinois, which is very uninteresting.

    *one should not blog in one's comment box, or email, or chat*

    You're probably right. Sorry about that.

  5. 1. benjamin ekman, though i remember knowing who you were at wheaton. the way you know people you don't really know in saga.
    2. unemployment is the perfect excuse for being interesting. you can call watching tv 'research' and calling friends 'ministry' or something sneaky like that.
    3. i changed my mind. this is my blog and we can say whatever the hell we like in the comment box.

    as for you, ems. your sense of fashion is more than adequate. i would not worry about fashioning your fashion after this girl. you lead a healthy life. you give back to your community with your vocational efforts. do not question yourself. though if you wanted to update your blog now and then, with fashion or social commentary or anything you like, i will not object.


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