soon and very soon

dear readers,

fear not. something blogworthy will happen soon, i can feel it.
it'll just have to wait till after i've finished reading harry potter -

i know, i know. i'm the last person on the planet to read them (save a few members of my family).

see you soon.


  1. So I haven't read the Harry Potter books. Sheesh. Get over it already!

  2. let me tell you about the stupidity of reading harry potter for hours on end right in front of an oceanview picture window. when after four hours of the potterverse, you finally look up to see that the horizon is nearly clear to the islands, the foolish guilty feeling that says 'why am i not out there in the gorgeousness?' makes potter seem rather silly.

  3. but perhaps the realization of the gorgeousness is amplified by the hours of reading. there is an intensity to the beauty that can only come after a period of not realizing it, even right there before your eyes.


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