sit, pause, think, act.

'The choice before humans would then be framed differently: are you going to worship the creator God and discover thereby what it means to become fully and gloriously human, reflecting his powerful, healing, transformative love into the world? Or are you going to worship the world as it is, boosting your corruptible humanness by gaining power or pleasure from forces within the world but merely contributing to your own dehumanization and the further corruption of the world itself?'

N. T. Wright, Surprised by Hope

(and if you have time, check out this sermon from the week before last. it was rather enjoyable, and by that i do not mean heart-warming but more like sobering. and don't not listen 'cause you're not 'in the right mindset' or something cop-out like that. turn off the tv or mute it at least and take half an hour out of your unexamined life to gratify my bloggish demands.)

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