excitement. confusion.

ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that would be my number one favorite actor playing a hobbit. In an adaptation by Guillermo del Toro. Pure awesome.

Second 'ahhh' has no link. It is me confusedly flipping out because my house has had renters for three days and my father neglected to tell me. I have never felt that these three letters were pretty much ever justified, but here is the content of my mind at this moment: 'w.t.f.'

update: Sooo..... apparently Bilbo McAvoy was just a rumor. A delicious rumor. One we hope to be fulfilled by a more delicious reality.


  1. McAvoy would be an awesome Hobbit.

  2. amen to that. maybe we should petition.

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  4. no love for James McAvoy?! perhaps you have not yet seen Penelope.

  5. Penelope is great. I just don't get all jiggly inside from mr McAvoy.

    He'd be a good Hobbit though.

  6. well, i don't think he's particularly handsome. i just feel that he understands the human condition in a deeply personal but uncomplicated way. and that's the kind of awesomeness i look for in a man. and he's a great actor. i'm a big fan of his wife, too - anne-marie duff. so you see, it's not about girlish attraction at all. just serious appreciation of talent. :) and probing eyes.


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