Sometimes you simply can't help offending people. It is clumsiness, of course, not wickedness. When wickedness offends, there is a need for apology, repentance, sanctification. When clumsiness offends, what is there to do? Who is there to blame? Nothing. No one. For example, let us say you do not have a car. So you walk to church or class or your job interview on this unnaturally hot day, (you cannot help the weather) and you stink. There is nothing for it. You have offended without doing anything wrong. And there is nothing you can do. And you are not to blame - despite all the looks of surprised disgust you receive as you pass by. Or, let us say you do have a car, but something happens to your headlights. You end up on Orangethorpe, just off the 57, calling your father and fiddling with every knob and nozzle you can find from the doorknob to the glove compartment, but alas! the lights will not glow. In fact, the only light for the darkness seems to be the harsh glare of your brights - which will not stay on without you holding the turn stem tight against the wheel and not letting go. Yes, the entire distance from Fullerton to Long Beach. (If you have not caught on that this second and last example was my own experience only half an hour ago, you are not quite savvy with my literary ways.) I know I was obnoxious. Annoying. Bright like an alarm clock at four in the morning. But there was no other way.

I wrote a poem once that had something to do with this, among other things. It is a reminder to look up even in the midst of tripping. I will post it here:

Crossing Main Street, I speak in tongues.
I am not trying to be edgy
in an anaesthetized America--
My body loves the Lord.
When I work, I do little but point to the left
or the right. Still,
the sanctifying Spirit
does not keep me from making mistakes.
I suffer the anger of others
who must suffer me
and cover my errors.
Though he was sad,
the Lord was not angry on the cross.
But what can you ask of man?
My thoughts are sometimes filled with tears
because systems are corrupt,
and I wear the clothes of hungry children.
but I will not be a cynic, oh no.
I will laugh with the sunrise
though you think me a child,
I will cry with the evening news,
though you call me overly sensitive.
This is how I walk on water--
it's the only way I know:
barebacked and open-armed.


  1. I apologize for the stupidness of the car. You may want to get that checked out before you have to drive in the dark again...

  2. Your apology is unnecessary. I only claim that it's your car when mechanics accuse me of vehicular maltreatment. :)

  3. Haha, true. And it won't be my car much longer. I'm sending dad the title so he can put it on his insurance. Then, when you're in a position to afford maintenance and stuff, it can be yours to keep, sell, or drive off a cliff (without you in it, of course).

  4. You know if I had passed you I would have probably gone on one of my ill-conceived loud profanity filled tirades...

    and now I'll think twice every time I pass an...a vehicle with their brights on. Mayhap, they can't help it.


  5. Mayhap, it's actually ME! :) In which case, you should find a way to pull me over and inform me of our proximity...


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