to all my faithful readers:

there will be few updates here in these next few weeks, as i am in the midst of a life-transit. that is, i am not technically going anywhere at the moment, but will be soon, and so am living out of my car. check out that comma splice! things should be relatively stable by mid-june, though i will be in long beach as a resident. i'm not sure how stable long beach residents are. or if there will be anything worth blogging about so near the highly-trafficked shore. we shall see.


  1. what the hell is a comma splice? and why havent i talked to you about your life decisions?
    i went on a horseback ride today. :-)

  2. i totally responded to this comment several days ago. apparently it didn't stick. anyway, a comma splice is a run-on sentence that tries to justify itself by the excessive use of commas. and we will talk very soon or i will die. and i need to know more about this riding and following your dreams.

  3. please please please help me with my new blog. i am so very lost, and you are apparently going through too many life changes to get online much.


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