In my own words

It occurs to me that the last several posts have been links or videos - and that some of you might actually be wondering what's going on with me as a person and not as an internet surfer. Just a quick update, then, my house is almost completely gutted of furniture as my parents are making the last few steps toward becoming real true residents of Long Beach. This means that I must follow them rather soon, because there's a limit to how long I can live in a large house with only four articles of furniture. (There might be more than that, but spread out over so many rooms, it seems inconsequential.)

I know that there is much to do this afternoon to aid my parents in this endeavour, but I am pretty sure that I won't be doing any of it. I'll be running off to the movies, or to friends' houses, or to Starbucks - to drink away my sorrow.


  1. Wow, that's pretty conceited of you to think that people care about your life. But it's true! We DO care! **I** care!!
    Do you need some furniture? You can borrow our fold down love seat. Or a desk. Or a chair. :-P
    Follow them! Follow them! Then you'll be closer to meeeeeeeeee!

  2. i have spent the last hour and a half job hunting online. i have applied to one teaching position at a college that has buildings like insurance offices. and i have petted the cat. mom will be home from recycling things soon, whereupon we will eat an unhealthy breakfast and laugh at our misery.


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