The question of the hour: Should I get all my hair chopped off? Again?

The idea was to let it grow out, but I was just browsing through some photos of celebrities with fabulous short hair, and I am unconvinced that this growing business is the thing for me just yet. It does seem a shame to waste all the effort gone through so far. For those of you who have NOT seen my hair lately... you are lucky. Blessed. Shined upon. And all this ugliness for nothing? Perhaps....

update: Gone. All of it. I have no stamina for bad hair. Photos to come? Probably not. Arrange a visit.


  1. And it was all because of me! I alone convinced you to chop it off.
    Mwahahahaha! The power of sisterhood.

  2. Oh, and thanks for FINALLY updating your blog. I check it like, ALL the time. That's how loyal I am. And desperate for internet entertainment...

  3. Yeah, sorry for such long silence. It's difficult to update a blog when there's NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT!!! Not that life is boring, but painting a bedroom and driving to Anza for a day isn't really noteworthy by blog standards. Not that getting one's hair cut IS noteworthy, but eventually anything is better than nothing.

  4. There is ALWAYS something to blog about. Even if its just um...lent. The dryer kind.

    Dude, do you know how long my hair is? Way way too long. I'm cutting 6 inches off on saturday night and it'll still just be at my shoulders.

    I'm dying here!!!

  5. WHY did you drive to Anza? And was it Anza as in the city up in the hills? Or Anza-Borrego as in the desert area?

  6. Anza-Borrego. Very desert. Very cool. Would it be shabby of me to bring my taxes with me this weekend? I did federal online, but they were gonna make me pay for state. and since i'm not getting a refund of any kind, I don't want to pay on top of that poverty.

  7. Bring them! Bring them! OOOOOOH! I need to send you directions. CYM.


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