the date festival 2008

Girls' Day Out at the county fair today. My mum bought be a magical magnetic anklet that will hopefully help with my mysterious circulation dysfunctions. I ate gyros and baklava, the latter originally in utter forgetfulness of my sugar 'vows' - and after originally, in disappointed resignation. There will hopefully be some interesting photos in the future portraying a unique response to my first ever consumption of an entire date. Minus the seed, of course. Duh. And then there were the sheep and the goats, presently side by side, but soon to be sifted and divided in the auction on the 23rd. I said 'hello Banjo!' to most of them, so Banjo the goat was greeted whichever one he was.


  1. I'm going to visit your blog ALL the time now just to mess with your google analytics. Mwahahaha!

  2. how dare you anonymous butthead!!!!


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