This weekend, while wandering past the cheetah exhibit at the Living Desert, Martin and I learned some valuable life lessons:

1. 'Life is about experiences, not the things you pick up along the way' (spoken by a father to his five year old son).

2. 'Cheetah's don't cheat!' (spoken by the wife of speaker number one, to their three or four year old son).

On top of all this, I have expanded my vocubulary. Almost. That is, I acquired this most fantastic word:


but have no idea what it means. It described a hawk that we saw - caged but happy - during our dusty tour of the L.D. According to their website, they also have a ferruginous pygmy owl, but this I don't remember coming across. I suppose I also ought to clarify that the image above is of a Harris's Hawk which, though may be many wonderful things besides, is not particularly ferruginous.
More to follow.


  1. You didn't look it up already??
    It's an adjective meaning:
    1. Of, containing, or similar to iron.
    2. Having the color of iron rust; reddish-brown.

    [From Latin ferrūginus, from ferrūgō, ferrūgin-, iron rust, from ferrum, iron.]

    I feel smarter already. I think we need to hang out more. :-P

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  3. Oh dear. I wasn't quite able to understand that last comment. Translation, anyone?

    As for you, Ems, thanks for the research. I should hire you as my academic assistant. Next time I'm an academic. :)

  4. Ha!

    I was going to say something about iron, but apparently Emily beat me.

    But I was still going to say iron, although I don't know what you would do with an iron hawk.

    Ohhh! Ohh. OOh! sounds like a super hero to me.

    Iron Hawk, with her talons of justice.

  5. hmm.... i don't think i'd want to be the superhero Iron Hawk. I might rather be Night Hawk or Silver Hawk. something a little more sylph-like. In fact, mebbe I shouldn't be a superhero at all...

  6. Can you flag a comment? I think you got spammed! In another language, except for that last sentence...
    Iron Hawk is an AWESOME super hero name!!


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