Things to hope for:

1. A photographic blog-account of the wedding of Tara and Spencer, as much as might be interesting those who were not in attendance, i.e. you.

2. Another somewhat-mindless minimum wage part-time job so that I can buy groceries.

3. My First Things subscription, ordered two months ago and still not arrived.

4. Protestant clarity.

5. The return of Harry the Mailman. Since his absence, I have declared my love for him shamelessly to so many. Come back so that I can return to my silent and sensible self.

6. Ceilidhs and kilts.

7. Finishing one book. Just one. And being able to afford a coffee date to discuss this book with my new friend who is still merely an aquaintance who used to sit behind me in church and whom I silently acknowledged and secretly admired for being one of the marrieds without seeming obnoxious.

8. 26 more pages.

9. Making this list go to ten.

10. Being able to pay my library fine, now at more than six dollars.

Things no longer hoped for, but present and fantastic:

1. A MSc in Nation, Writing, and Culture from the University of Edinburgh. I did a dance in the office with whips and whorls. Glad no one saw it. Other than 'Yes!' I believe my first words were 'It's about time!' I suppose two months isn't too long to wait, but it sure felt more like six.

2. A roomie. Sort of. I think. She hasn't really moved in. But she has. It's complicated. Or maybe it's very simple, but since I keep typing about it, it's becoming unsimple more and more.

3. Protestant clarity.

4. But of course, and it should really be first, Mr and Mrs Smith. Though not quite present, being in Paris, yet realised and most certainly fantastic.


That might just be it. Right. I'll try to make sure the next post has illustrations. I can be a bit of a bore, I know....

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