It would seem that I have joined another blog. Sprung from my Edinburgh peeps, you will find it here:
I am almost the only person to contribute, but I suppose that comes from the same impulse that makes me sit in the front of classrooms. If you're gonna do a thing, get it over with and do it with all you have. (I apply this impulse inconsistently; note the variation in my habits with regards to floor cleaning and phone calling.)
The new blog relates mostly to our reading habits, so it will not steal me away too often, nor should it deflect too many posts from this noble forum (if I may call such a self-centred site a 'forum').


  1. Oooh, being anonymous is so... cunning. I have read your blog so many times now, and am just realizing that I can leave you a comment. How observant of me. I notice that the better coffee you have, the more you write. See, your blog today is so short because you had only one scoop of coffee, and the rest decaf. Pitiful.

    Kathryn (oops, spoiling my secret identity)

  2. Can anyone join this book reading forum? I already left a comment... about a book you have on your list. I wish to be among the ranks of readers who post on blogs!!
    Have you ever heard of Shelfari? it's another read and share kind of forum place. May be worth checking out.

  3. 1. Scary, Kathyrn. That's just plain scary.

    2. I have a feeling the blog is for my Edinburgh programme people only. I haven't asked, though. If you'd like to do a duo blog, however, I can invite you onto this one as a special guest speaker :) or we could make our own together, or I could join up with one of yours. Since I know you have a few. What do you think?

  4. Oh. It's for the Edinburgh ELITE. Well then. I will just let you borrow books I happen to have that you want to read and then I can talk to YOU about them and YOU can post MY thoughts in your own words or something. Assuming they are grand enough thoughts to post. :-P


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