Note: I am changing the template of this blog because the previous one was just plain boring. Observe my slow and steady movement out of the world of Neutral and into the world of Colour.

(Memories of Rainbow Wars on a dome-like screen, a gift shop with balloons of swirling reds and blues, photograph under a green tree over the green grass, wearing the straw hat with the polka dot ribbon...)


  1. Whoa. It's all different and stuff. WEIRD. Way to really, uh, branch out with the color.
    I liked your synopsis of "Unbearable Lightness..." below. Where were you a few years ago when Chris had to read that for a summer school assignment and hated it?? I had to read it too and, while I found it interesting, I wasn't very captivated. Having read your synopsis, I feel like I should give it a second chance.
    How IS the novel coming? And the searching for the perfect job? Do I get free lattes yet? :-P

  2. You do know that this template looks a little like ST:TNG?

    If you don't know the acronym google it.

  3. If you have any suggestions for change, if the colours or style bother in any way, please share. I am open to changing the change.

    Oh, and it occured to me after I changed the template, that it is sort of a one-year blog anniversary type transition. Since I began this thing last September.

    If you prefer the old way, I can go back. I'm just trying to break out of my shell.

  4. P.S. 20 pages written on the novel, no job or latte experience of any kind. Applied to Coffee Bean, haven't heard back, applying at Barnes and Noble tomorrow. We'll see.


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