I sort of jumped the gun in the comments of recent posts with this most fabulous of announcements:

I have finished and turned in my dissertation for an MSc in English Literature: Nation, Writing and Culture from Edinburgh University (which noble institution I am presently advertising upon the soft navy hues of my first ever hoodie!!).

My bags are mostly packed for the return home - even though I will not actually be leaving for another week. I needed to see if I would have to mail things or pay an overweight fee. One or the other will be necessary, since it seems that I have an inordinate number of books in my possession. Bother.

Tomorrow, I will be meeting friends for post-dissertation drinks in the evening. Saturday, I am planning a trip to Newcastle and/or Durham with flatmate Jess. and Sunday boasts a most thrilling venture to the cinema for a showing of the Bourne Ultimatum - a film that I have been anticipating with unparalleled eagerness.

Beyond that, my schedule is bare. I will be pulling together last minute necessities, buying unnecessary tourist crap on High Street, and arranging the return of my accomodation deposit. I will be farewelling friends and swiping music off of the internet with mischievous abandon. I will bake lemon bars.

My flight leaves the Edinburgh airport in the early morning of the 30th, a Thursday, and I will be travelling for nearly 24 hours total in order to arrive the same evening in Palm Springs. If anything noteworthy happens between now and then, I will certain post of it. Now that the dissertation is through, 'interesting' just might happen. I am no longer a boring academic sod. er... snob. I am an Everylass.

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