My sister will be here in an hour and a half, meaning that I will have lost half my blog readership. Well, lost internetly, but found somewhere around baggage claim. Speaking of which, I probably ought to begin the hike to Waverley. Look for a full update on her time here in a week. [Spoiler: We'll be making a three-day tour of the western half of Scotland, replete with tourbus and guide. Also a small taste of Festival, Fringe. And a crash course in Edinburgh, mostly on foot, led by yours truly.]


  1. I'll just have to work twice as hard.

  2. Ugh you Other two Jens are so annoying!

    Have fun with your sister.

    And make sure your haggis and blood pudding are safe before you chow down.

  3. I decided not to indulge in Haggis although Mollina may make me change my mind. I'm not all that excited about it. I'd rather have sausages and mash.

  4. Haggis is good.

    I'd eat it, although I'd leave anything with "blood" in the title alone...

  5. I ate some haggis. It wasn't too bad. Quite rich in flavor. Good with potatoes.
    No blood pudding, though. :-P

  6. haggis is good with potato. I don't understand really what the problem is...

    Twinkies are worse for you


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