Not much has been happening, which is good for the dissertation, but bad for the blog.

Yesterday, I went into Glasgow with Linsday and Jess in order to take the latter to a performance of some orchestral Russian stuff. Rachmaninov headlined with his second piano concerto, and it was good to hear it live. Almost as fun as being able to bust out my tweed heels, which replaced the tennies in a Burger King ten minutes before the performance. Short-lived posh, since the concert hall is literally right across the street from the bus stop. We didn't have far to go once the music had stopped.

Other than that, the days have mostly consisted of scribbling notes down at the NLS only to come home again and type them all into my laptop. Next week will be organizing and preliminary writing - so much excitement! and perhaps I will plan myself some sort of Trip to break up the monotony.


  1. I thought Rachmaninov was dead...

  2. I suppose if you have to have monotony, Scotland is as good a place as any in which to be monotonous.
    Yay for Rachmaninov! Yay for tweed heels!

  3. Yes, Rachmaninov is dead, but the music lives on in our hearts and on the stage. Thanks to the pianist Stephen Hough and a youthful orchestra resplendent in colourful gowns.


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