A quick update before I go on my way . . .

1. After about eight months of ridiculous inconvenience, I have finally purchased a belt. I'm pretty sure this is the first belt I've ever bought in my life, though it's only the second or third that I've owned. I've been wearing it for a grand total of ten minutes, and already I feel better. Note to self: do not purchase brand new jeans immediately before making radical changes in physical lifestyle (i.e. walking alot).

2. I got my hair cut again by a lovely professional named Lisa. She's a senior stylist at Mosco, but since I booked with a junior stylist who fell ill, I got the better experience for half the price. It looks more or less like it did last November, so there's no need to upload fashion photos or anything. Besides, there will be pictures enough when I return from my trip to . . .

3. Prague! On my way there sometime tomorrow morning. It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision to go, but I'm glad that I made it for several reasons. For one thing, it's Prague. For another, it gave me a good mental deadline for some important initial dissertation research (which I will be spending most of the rest of the evening on). Furthermore, my travelling buddy and flatmate Courtney, who left this afternoon, had made her plans with someone else who just dropped out a couple days ago - so I'm glad to keep her from wandering by her lonesome. I am headed to Prague with next to no knowledge of the city, its history, its sites of interest, or its mother-tongue. Mostly, I just want to sit at cafes, walk around and smile at lots of people, and learn how to be a tourist with humility rather than shame.

4. Oh yes, and I finally bought another alarm clock. Jess, you can keep your bouncy ball of indecent morning energy, that explosion of sound, your alarmclock to yourself. I thank you for your sacrifices and your generosity.

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