sister spring

The trees are blooming. And those that aren't display leaves of such tender green I want to eat them and touch them and eat them some more. (I am trying not to.)

In order more fully to glory in the season, flatmate Courtney and I took the long trek to Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Garden this afternoon. Here's a link for the curious:

It was one of the more beautiful gardens of my experience, vast and varied, full of endless delights. We strolled about the grounds and took as many pictures as we could in fairy-like poses, faces framed by drooping branches. After we had seen all that we could bear to see without wanting to pick all the flowers, swim in all the ponds, and build forts in every tree, we dropped down on a small grassy hill to rest.

I know it is all a well-planted, well-landscaped, highly organized garden, but it does help one to understand the poets of seasons and flowers and such. Nature is restorative, Wordsworth. Or it can be. Here are some photos:

Keens do the Gardens.

'Life! Do you hear me? Give my creation Life!'

The view of the city from a high point in the Garden - far away on the right, you can see the Castle, paragon of fortresses.

This is for you, Jenny. The blurry spots are some quartzy business - I took this while sitting on a larger one of similar quality. The camera doesn't do it justice.

Courtney, queen of mountains, on a pretty stone stairway.

Memories of Pooh-Sticks float across my mind as froth and water spiders float across my vision.

And this is for Mom! This whole room, dedicated to the memory of someone or other, was covered on the inside with these beautiful shell patterns. The ceiling was patterned with pinecones of different shades and sizes. Some nice American tourists took our photo and asked where we were from. I refrained from justifying myself with almost eight months of residency and simultaneously failed to ask them their own story. Tiresome silence!

Is this photo blurry 'cause of the zoom or 'cause I'm the one who took it?

Pretty view!

Why is everything underlined all of a sudden?


  1. I would SO like to come to your garden. And i want to frame the picture of you with the branches. You - and the nature - are both so lovely!

  2. oh, thank you! just wait - more nature and me coming up with the Isle of May!

  3. very nice rock. Very siliciclastic. Which of course I can't spell.


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