yes, i have been scarce, and will continue to be so until my essays are done. presently, i am writing on the theme of self-doubling in Wordsworth's poetry as a reaction against the fear of temporality. exciting. next week, i will be writing about 'this, that, and the other,' British Imperialism and the fear of the foreign in Ivanhoe, the South Sea Tales, and Dracula. That last one will doubtless get narrowed to one or two texts (I might use Ivanhoe and another novel by Scott), but for now I will dream big!

that is all there is to me in this season of due dates and fined library books.

for those of you keeping slow track of the changing habits of this blog's title, pleast note that i am about to change it for the last time - that is, for this round. (the varying lines have been fragments which, when put together form a poem of mine.) i will try to think up something permanenter before long.

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