I don't think I've written here in a real way for a while... Not that there is all of a sudden something to say, but an update, however brief, is surely in order.

I have been, as usual, reading a great deal. Though I took a day off last weekend to watch Lord of the Rings - a marathon view of all three extended versions with flatmates Jess, Liesl, and Lindsay. The latter two dropped out at the beginning of the third film, but Jess made it to the end. Not without pain, of course. Our bones were sore from sitting 'so long in one attitude,' and our brains were foggy with the stuff of Middle Earth. I don't think I'll be going there again for some while.

Fast forward nearly a week, and you have the events of this evening. At 5:45 pm, I stood before a group of my peers and presented a general synopsis of my intentions concerning the dissertation of this coming summer (see previous post on research proposal). I spoke for about twenty minutes, according to flatmate Lindsay, who graced the group with her agricultural presence, and there were a variety of questions to follow. We went back to the flat afterwards to eat some dinner and did not make it back out again - mainly because flatmate Jess and flatmate Lindsay decided to have a party on my face. There are photos of the adventure, which involved several layers of eyeshadow and Sephora glitter from chin to forehead, but I do not think that I am bold enough to post them here.

Other than that, this week held little other than the average academic nose-in-book sequences. There were some good conversations with my options course peers, a clarification concerning one of my course essays, and a dive into the world of Percy Bysshe Shelley (with a sampling of my favorite of his poems below). Next week hold much of the same, this time with both Keats and Yeats. Poetry, poetry, poetry. Oh yes, and preparation for the final essays, which will generally involve finishing all the theoretical secondary reading that I haven't finished over the last nine weeks.

The weather is getting blustery again. My mother sent me my tax information, so I am doing all of that business online. And I am beginning to think about travelling during the coming summer. It seems that at this point I am not returning home in April. While this is a disappointment, it will allow me to make more than one trip during the summer. If anyone has suggestions as to where I should travel, or offers of accommodation, or any other question/comment related to my upcoming European festivities, please hail via the comment thingy provided by this most excellent Blogger.

Until then, good night, good night.


  1. They had a party on your face? Wow.

    And of course I must suggest going to Amsterdam and staying in one of the Shelter Youth Hostels. You'd probably like Jordan, since it is in the nicer part of town and not right next to the red light district.

    But of course there are other equally awesome places to go.

  2. i think you should go to greece. with me.


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