My body aches. Saturday evening, I took two of my flatmates and met several of my friends for the Annual Highland Something, for which the student centre supplies a variety of ceilidhs. There was so much spinning and fiddle-dee-dee (in the words of Tom), that my bones feel flung to bits. But it is a good sort of pain, and I would do it again tomorrow if there was a chance.

Our photographer was not with us, so I have no proof of the adventure apart from my own creaking joints. I'll be sure to fix that next time.


  1. What is a ceilidh? I suppose I could look it up...
    How fun to fiddle-dee-dee! I feel like the dish ran away with the spoon. Too bad there are no pictures.

  2. a ceilidh is a traditional Scottish dance! It looks something like the raucous dance at the beginning of the newest Pride and Prejudice. the whole room fills with the smell of sweat and beer, and there are fiddles and an occasional bagpipe, and people calling out 'whoop-whoop!' and clapping in time!


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