readings and class meetings are over till January.

two weeks of writing papers,
one, on narrative ending
the other on subject and subjection... or subjectivity

also, reserving accomodations

unearthing quotations

browsing in the German market

fighting wind and rain

eating porridge

drinking tea

burrowing in the library with literary criticism and Marxist theory

I could not get this song imbedded in my blog, and so I am going to post the link below and let you listen to it on your own. It has been in my head for days, and I think it strangely expresses all that i ever want to say...

, at least, for now. (also reminds me of driving with foggy windows 'round wheaton, windshield wipers keeping time, jacket to the chin.)

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  1. I must be in a reflective mood because this song is hauntingly beautiful to me right now. My mind is un-blurred now that the sickness is over and I can actually HEAR it.
    Thank you for sharing.


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