I do not want to be valued for what I do and do not know or what I have and have not done any more than I want to be valued for what I do or do not look like, sound like, walk like, or any number of impressions which are, essentially, superficial to myself. What I have done is not always in my own power—I did not choose to live in the suburbs any more than I chose to live in the jungle. And though I chose Edinburgh and this course, I did so in more ignorance than preference. Though I chose my clothes, I did not choose the money in the pocketbook which limits or allows what I buy. Though I have chosen my dinner, I did not choose the selection of the market. I did not choose this skin, though I enjoy its privileges and suffer under its shame. Who then am I, and why should I be loved or hated or held or pushed away?


  1. I like you Molly because you are Molly. And Molly is cool.

    It wouldn't have mattered if you knew Dovtoyevski (I'm hoping spelling doesn't count)or that you had that Amalie hair cut or that you were reading your bible.

    You are Molly whether the Scots see it or not.

    What really do we chose if we are truely God's children? Everything is already chosen when we chose and it will always be the best.

  2. which reminds me of charles williams... (if i may):
    '...more and more securely the working of that Fate which was Love possessed her. For it was fatal in its nature; rich and austere at once, giving death and life in the same moment, restoring beyond belief all the things it took away--except the individual will.'

    thank you for your words, wonder. :)


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