Christmas at Jenners...

ice skating and kitsch...

at the German market...

These photos are a bit late in coming, but papers tend to interrupt blogging in the same way that blogging interrupts papers.


  1. I want to come and shop and go on the ferris wheel. And distract you from your paper. Pout.
    Stupid old boring America.

  2. you wouldn't want to today. i think it might snow--the air is thick with fog and cold and windiness. yesterday i was caught in a sudden sleet. i hope it's not like this during the torch parade and during new years.

  3. Oooooh, snow! I hope you have pulled out your gloves and scarf and HAT since your hair is so short- you can't use it as a scarf anymore. :-)
    I am hoping/praying/sending-good-vibes for your new years/torch parade weather...


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