the traveling fur #1


  1. This fur of yours is AMAZING. I think I want one.
    And how come YOU get pictures from mom and I don't??? She still has all the pictures from the bridal shower and the wedding... arg. I suppose I will have to get them this weekend.
    LOVELY wrap you have there. Just darling. You are so sophisticated.

  2. ooooooooohhhhhh, Fuuuuzzzzzzyyyyy.

    Can I pet it?

  3. Molly dearest- my boss does not like your fur. But he thinks it would be great to wear on a double decker bus. He also does not know anything about anything so its ok. :-) Much love, toodles. me

  4. well, that's good to know. the photo was actually taken on my camera, so that explains its present presence in my blog. Mom says I managed to wear it very naturally, and I think I agree. It was very comfy on the plane, though I was still pretty cold. Perhaps with long sleeves. And as for your boss, Emily, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'll just have to rethink the fur wrap I was going to give him for Christmas...

  5. Keith says he's allergic to faux fur so unless it's the real thing, he'd have to re-gift it anyway. :-)
    I, however, still love it and want to get dressed up and wear it somewhere.
    Why have you not updated your B-log lately?? I am so curious as to your goings-on. I should email you. Novel idea... :-)


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