Second Wedding, Second Return

I am back a second time from the second wedding of the month. The travel was less eventful this time around, which is a blessing. I am more tired than before, and I feel that I have eaten more food. I have also come home to find that the three long lost boxes which my mother sent me two months ago have finally arrived. After long and tiresome journeying over the Atlantic by fishing boat, followed by a slight detour through a bit of the Sahara, a few nights in a Bedouin tent, and finally a backpacking trek across the Continent (perhaps even round about through Norway)... the boxes have arrived. Unless they came from the other direction. Perhaps it was a rickshaw through China, over the mountains of Tibet, etc. Regardless, they are here. Which means that I presently have at my disposal Herodotus' Histories, my Greek cookbook, and a smattering of Christmas reading material. Very exciting.

As with my sister's wedding, I hesitate to summarize the wedding of Stuart and Nicole of which I was most recently a part. The important things, I cannot do justice to. And a recollection of the unimportant things might make the whole thing seem trivial. I also do not have any photos yet, as I foolishly kept my camera in my bag the entire time. I am eager to display the photos of the groomsmen, all of whom looked beyond snazzy, and so will try my best to acquire them from somewhere.

Until then, I will make this the first record of the traveling furs. We bridesmaids all wore white fur wraps and have agreed to wear them henceforward in as many interested places as we can conjur. Mine was worn on the plane on the way over here, and I have a photo, taken by my mother, of myself wearing it at the Palm Springs airport. I suppose you will simply have to trust my word when I say that I wore it constantly the entire trip, save one or two hours between the warmth of the Palm Springs puddle-jumper and the chill of LAX.

Speaking of which, what does a person do when they accidentally spot the bride and groom on the day after their wedding? Yes, Stuart and Nicole left for their Honeymoon out of Gate 77, and my flight left two minutes later out of Gate 74. They did not see me (I quickly removed the easily spotted fur wrap about this time), and I decided against addressing them at all. Let them have their peace, even in the midst of all these stranger-crowds.

I will post the first fur photo later.

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