I am going home tomorrow morning. This is a strange idea. It will be a stranger reality. I am glad to go home, glad to step away from this world for just a moment, to better see it new and fresh but familiar when I return. More than this, I am glad for my sister's wedding. Glad for the vows, the strange appearance of extended family members, the green skirt. Glad for seeing my brother and my mother and everyone. Glad for the twos-on-twos.

On the airplane, I will do my best to blitz through Samuel Richardson's Pamela. I will ignore the assigned readings of Foucault's "The Deployment of Sexuality," in part because I couldn't get it at the library and because I don't want to buy it, but most of all because I simply don't want to read it. I will read the essay by Adorno instead, and the chapter of Adorno and Horkheimer that I couldn't finish last night. I will listed to Rob D on my iPod. I will buy an overpriced sandwich in the airport. One of the airports. I will drink lots of coffee to leapfrog the timezones. I will think of all my friends in far away places, of all their travelling, and all my sitting still.

Until then, I should think about packing. I am taking some small gifts, almost unmentionable they are so inadequate for the occasion. And I am bringing home one pair of shoes. And I am bringing some clothes for the few days of running about, and a dress for the rehearsal dinner. (Is this cataloguing the result of reading Robinson Crusoe? I am so easily manipulated in my style. Oh dear...)

On a different note, I need some suggestions about where I should go during Christmas Break, and what I should do when I get there. Anyone have any ideas? I'm thinking Rome or Paris... or both. Or should I stay cheap and not wander far? Oxford... Manchester... Please feel free to suggest. I'm sure I'll bring the question up again closer to the season.

Until the bells are rung, the doves releases, and the tule removed from the construction zone, I will be silent. Enjoy my absence....


  1. I hate to disappoint but there will no bells or doves and (hopefully) an amazing lack of tulle as well.
    I am sooo excited for your coming! Have a fantabulous flight and trip and all that and I will see you Friday! Yay!

  2. please go to oxford and take lots of winter pictures of my town for me. maybe i can come too? (yeah right).

    however...... where would jane austen go? I think perhaps Italy. Think Room with a View....

  3. Go first somewhere much warmer in the south. Then go somewhere much colder in the north, so that coming back to Scotland the temperature will be just right.

  4. I can't enjoy your absence anymore.

    My brain hurtz.


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