hail the conquering biscuit

There is nothing like a grocery store for entertainment. Here are some of the odd things one finds:

Tiger Prawn Gourmet Pringles (see chips exerpt below; the word is "posh")
An entire aisle devoted to yogurt
An entire aisle devoted to tea cookies (and another to tea)
Microwavable Yorkshire puddings
Tomato paste in a tube
Clotted cream (say that with me, if you will. "clotted cream")
Outdated food on the bargain racks
Two varieties of salsa
One variety of tortilla chips (feel free to correct me, Jess and Liesl)
Orange juice valued at five dollars a carton
Kashi cheaper than Cocoa Puffs
No shortening? and where are the chocolate chips?
Refrigerated pasta

and much more.


  1. and did you notice the cheddar varieties??? i looked in vain for mozzarella but there was every color and pungency of cheddar... the poor cows.

    have you tried haggis yet?

    and there was something else oooooHHHHHHH
    if you have a chance try: a "cream tea" preferably Cornish variety. this includes scones with "clotted cream" (amazing) and tea.
    also, Cornish Pasties. I might be biased but they're without words.

  2. There is at least one form of mozzarella in our local grocery store. I noticed, because it is usually on sale. But, oh yes! the quantities and varieties of cheddar! And right they are to make it, too, as they clearly know what they're doing. So yum.

    I have not yet tried haggis... I do not know when I will be so brave.

    So, this "cream tea" is the whole deal, then: scones, tea, and clotted cream? I will be sure to look out for such an offering. Perhaps I should take a trip down to where the Cornish are to be sure I get it right. :)

  3. well you couldn't pick a more beautiful place to search for clogged arteries :) Cornish people sound like Hobbits...

  4. *insert witty comment about biscuts*

  5. Note: friend Sarah just told Liesl and I where to find cream tea on the Royal Mile. Will experience said yumness at soonest possible convenience.


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