Flat Five, and Romeward Bound

I have officially moved to a new flat. Everything is cleaner and quieter, though the noise was never an issue before. I like the situation of my room, and I have arranged the furniture in a very pleasing manner. When I have cleared the floor of all my drying laundry, I will be sure to take a photo.

It is a Friday night, and I am not out at a pub this time. It has been a long week, and I decided to curl up with some hot cocoa and a dvd. What shall I watch? Flatmate-Jess will have to choose, or at least select a few options, as we will watch together. That, and she is our own personal Blockbuster.

To add to the stock of news, I have more or less decided to go to Rome for Christmas. A crazy choice, as I will probably be going alone. But there is no room for fear, no room for confusion, and no room for loneliness. Rome must be seen.

Before that, and before papers, and before anything else, really, I will be going home again. In three days. I'll take a train to London on Tuesday, which will be good since I love trains and, as has been said before, I still haven't been outside of Edinburgh. Wednesday I will fly home, Thursday I will... something. Friday I will... another something. And Saturday I will be in the wedding. Sunday, back on a plane, and Monday, hit the books for class on Wednesday. All of this is assuming that no storms will bar my passage one way or another, as past experience has shown is quite possible.

This is all very matter-of-fact. I will be sure to fill in more interesting narrative concerning the process of preparing for Rome, as well as the past week, the week to come, and all other things of far more interest that this monotony.


  1. I know that at some point in Palm Desert you will eat French food and drink what you believe is the awesomest coffee ever.

    If you don't, I'll cry.

  2. well, in that case, i will be certain to do so. :)

    actually, i believe the awesome French chefs are catering the wedding for which I am parading, and so there will be no avoiding said fabulousness even if i wanted to, which i don't.

  3. good. because I'd have to come over and beat you normal.

  4. i want to see your pretty face!!!!

  5. then that you shall! call my home phone on wednesday... unless there is wedding business to do.


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