ten, or a heirarchy of crisps

It is nearly one in the morning, and I've just come home from a Friday night at the Doctor's. This is no clinic, but a local pub full of warm bodies, warm ale, and loud voices. It was better than the last time, I must admit. Perhaps that is due to the fact that I didn't drink anything this time. Mostly, I think it was just good company, good conversation, and... that's about it.

Here are some things that I learned this evening:

I would love Manchester and must go there for the fashion. (Should I not buy the coat on Princes Street? Should I take the train to Manchester instead?)

If I go to London, beware the over-priced tourist attractions. See the Bridge, the Ben, and the Buckingham Palace from a distance. Be cheap, and save your money for a more interesting and reasonably-priced city.

On a more interesting note, Altoids are not a British curiosity. The Brits know nothing about them. "Altoids? What's an Altoid? What do you do with it?" Then again, they were more than a little surprised to discover that Monster Munch is not an American junk food item. "Monster Munch? What's a Monster Munch?"

In fact, Monster Munch is only one of many delightful crisp options to found in your local BP, Tesco, or Sainsbury's store. The unique thing about Monster Munch, other than the Tabasco taste and caloric content, is that they are shaped like monster feet. Right. I am not quite sure where they fit into the crisp heirarchy, but I did learn a few other important points. Lamb and Mint crisps are "posh," as are the Prawn Cocktail. Lamb and Mint crisps are "the sort your mum would put in a bowl and pass round. She wouldn't just put in salt and vinegar crisps." Of course she wouldn't. Why would she do that? I think I must bring home some of these posh crisps when I return for the wedding in October. Tonight, I tried Steak and Onion. They weren't as good as the Lamb and Mint, but if you need a quick dinner...


  1. Oh, daaammmmnnn!

    Lamb and Mint?!


    I HAVE to come over there for that, its like my mostest favorite taste in the WWWOOOOORRRRLLLLLDDD!!!

  2. glad to so inspire. send me your address, and I'll send you a package! someday... sometime... within the year.


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